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Madam Weigels Journal of Fashion was a monthly magazine sold in Australia from the 1870s to the 1960s. Full of knitting patterns and recipes it was essential reading for the economical housewife and crafter.The November 1947 says you need a handknit facecloth (Washcloth or Dishie) for Christmas and who are we to argue.In fact you need lots every day of the year. Some for you and some for family and friends.These simple, practical cloths have been knitted to the 1947 pattern in pure cotton in a range of vintage and modern colours on my grandmother's lovely old (fake) tortoise shell needles.Being handmade there is occassionally some slight variation in size but each soft squishy cloth measures not less than 21cm X 21cm ( or approximate 8 inches X 8 inches).Note that the colours pictured are just what I currently have knitted and ready for immediate shipping.Feel free to ask if you need a colours to match your decor.Or just order a set and I'll surprise you  😁These cloths seriously last for years and when they eventually become so holey and threadbare you can't use them anymore, being pure cotton they can go straight in the compost. A little zero waste bonus!

Set of 3 Madam Weigels Washcloths. 1940s style Handknit Cotton Cloths for faces

SKU: 1575123065
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